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The 'Thinking Allowed' lecture series been running for many years and below is a record of the lecturers appearing at Cairns in recent years.


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Andrew Frater Aisla Turner John Chalmers
Christianity Today: Time to recast the Mould?
Feast of the Epiphany and the Visit of the Magi in Western European Art
Christianity Today: Time to Recast the Mould? (Follow-up)


2021-2022       Covid pandemic - no lectures
2020-2021       Covid pandemic - no lectures


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Glen Pettigrove Richard Frazer Carole Hillenbrand
Righteous Anger? Think again
Travels with a Stick: A Pilgrim's Journey to Santiago de Compostela
Mary, the Mother of Jesus, seen through Muslim eyes


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Cut Off From the Mainland John Chalmers Jolyon Mitchell
Mary Henderson, Fr Willie Boyd, Scott McKenna, Roddy Hamilton and Andrew Frater answer questions from the audience about religion from a liberal perspective
There is a Crack in Everything - That's How the Light Gets In
Looking at attitudes to disability.
Redrawing Boundaries: Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding in Jerusalem and Beyond


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PCN Conference

Scholars' Spotlight

Harriet Harris

Adrian Alker lectures on Friday, leads two sessions on Saturday and gives an address on Sunday
Podcast3 Podcast4
Helen Bond, David Fergusson and Scott McKenna answer questions from the audience about religion put by Seith Ireland


The concept of Deity in 21st century Christianity


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Kenneth McColl Scott McKenna Myra MacDonald Julie Nicholson Val Webb
How Medical Science Makes Progress - and what about the Church?
The Most Important Journey in Life is the Inner Journey
Pakistan: Politics and Religion Crossing Places
How should we or can we speak of God in the 21st century?



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Robin Taylor Helen Bond Iain Whyte Stuart Monro
Death: The Last Taboo Do Christians Need to Believe in the Literal Truth of the Virgin Birth?
Faith, Fiction & History: How Can We Deal with our Roots?
A Geologist Reflects



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John McDade Des Brogan Owain Jones Iain Gray Val Webb
God, Imagination and Digital Reality Do the Pals Battalions of 2014 Pass Muster? Perfect Hate Casts Out Love (and Vice Versa): Healing Conversations between the Christian and Psychoanalytic Traditions
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God: Idea, Images and Idols Liberating Theology


2014-2015 ADDITIONAL LATE LECTURE not included in the brochure

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Jack Spong
Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy



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Jack Spong Tom Devine Carol Craig David Keddie
Beyond Incarnation to Mystical Oneness: John's Story of Jesus
A Puzzle from the Scottish Past:Why did the Scottish Enlightenment happen? Enlightenment  in the Age of Materialism In Memoriam Dei



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DougGay2.jpg (2678 bytes) JohnShawDunn2.jpg (3649 bytes) KennethCalman2.jpg (3163 bytes) 33333333 3333333
Doug Gay John Shaw-Dunn Kenneth Calman
Thinking Orthodoxy The Anatomical Churchman Happiness



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Nicolas Wyatt John Churcher Poverty Truth Commission David Hamilton David Cook
Myth, History and 'Truth'in the Old Testament Reading the GospelAttributed to Mark as Social Commentary Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is for Us! The Church in a Changing Culture Liife and Death:Medicine and Morality



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John Carnochan Dennis Canavan Ben Thomson Isabel Smyth Jack Spong
Violence Reduction - The Shared Agenda Let the People Decide The Three R's - Rules Reck Religion The Dignity of Difference The New Testament - where does fact stop and myth begin?



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Richard Holloway Andrew Frater Ephraim Borowski Noorah Al-Gailani
The Art of Resistance:
Everywhere We are Surrounded by Death
The Eclipse of Religion - the Legacy of Deitrich Bonhoeffer Judaism - in Bed with an Elephant Reflections on the historical differences and current conflict between Sunni and Shi'ah Islam



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Elizabeth Templeton Alastair Hunter Paul Chapman John Matthews
A multi-faith world: gift and challenge After - "After Auschwitz" - challenging God in a post-Holocaust world The Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King, Jr Playing the ball where it lies: Contextualizing Theology for Today



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33333333 33333333
David Fergusson Phil Hanlon Mona Siddiqui
Religion and its Contemporary Critics How do we combat the dis-eases of the 21st Century? What's the point of inter-religious dialogue?











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