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Involvement in the community, both in Milngavie and elsewhere, is a principal aim of Cairns whether it be organisations that use our premises or our participation in other community activities.

We list below areas in which Cairns has a part to play.

Friendship House is the local Church Centre in Park Road where six of the Milngavie churches serve together to provide light refreshments Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. There is a daily act or worship at II a.m. for 15 mins. The Thursday Service will be taken by a member of the local Clergy. Everyone is welcome, church member or not, and there is always someone there for a friendly chat. Greeting Cards for all occasions are on sale.

Now a charity in its own right, Friendship Circle started as an outreach by the Milngavie Churches to the housebound and lonely in the area. It provides a full programme including morning coffee/tea, lunch and afternoon tea in the Lesser Town Hall each Wednesday, 10.30am - 3.30pm. Transport is provided. For further information, please contact the Church Office.

The Cairns Peace and Justice Group was formed in early 2015.   It is beginning to look at a range of issues related to peace and social justice.  Anyone interested should contact
the Church Office for more information.

Parent & toddlers group
Meets every week. For further information, please contact the Church Office.

The Boys' Brigade - 1st/2nd Milngavie Company
This merged Company, attached to Cairns Church and other Milngavie churches, meets in St Luke's Church Halls.

Anchor Boys        (6 years and over)
Junior Section      (8 years and over)
Company Section (11 years and over)

Girls' Brigade - 82nd Glasgow Company
This Company which is open to all girls is attached to St Paul's Church.


Scouts - 20th Glasgow Group
This Scout Group has

Beaver Colonies          (6 - 8 Years)
Cub Packs                  (8 - 10.5 years)
Scout Troops               (10.5 - 15 years)
Explorer Scout unit       (15 - 18 years)

Milngavie District has Guides, Brownies and Rainbows who meet in the Guide Hall, Oakburn Avenue, St Luke's Church Hall and Cairns Church Hall.

The 10th Milngavie Brownie Pack meets in Cairns Church.

If you would like any further details on any of these organisations, please contact the Church Office. 

The Association of Milngavie Churches brings together the wide variety of religious and spiritual organisations within Milngavie. The Association offers an ecumenical way to come together and celebrate what we have in common in terms of our beliefs. The minister or spiritual leader and two members represent each organisation. The other organisations involved with Cairns are -

Allander Evangelical Church
Baldernock Parish Church of Scotland
Religious Society of Friends
St Andrew's Episcopal Church
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
St Luke's Church of Scotland
St Paul's Parish Church of Scotland
United Free Church

Cairns is part of a joint churches committee in Milngavie that includes St Paul's, St Luke's, United Free Church, St Andrew's Episcopal and St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. The main joint fundraising activity centres around the annual Christian Aid week door-to-door collection. The various churches divide up the village to ensure that all homes in Milngavie receive a visit.

Other activities include taking part in the Christmas Choices Annual Sale held each October in Milngavie Town Hall selling Traidcraft cards and other Christmas goods.

Nkanda Church, Malawi
On 31st May 2009 we signed a Twinning Agreement with Nkanda CCAP Church, near the University town of Zomba in the south of Malawi.

Our first project was undertaken by our young people, who raised money to help Nkanda’s youth choir to make a fundraising music CD. Last year we sent out a CD with music from our own Cairns CD together with messages from our minister and our Twinning Committee.

The people of Nkanda are working hard to raise money to replace their leaking church roof, and we have been able to help with this through a fund-raising event.

Our latest ventures have been to support local families to grow a better maize crop, by helping them with the cost of fertiliser and raising funds to help repair their church roof so that the building can be used to help with their young children's education.

We hope to forge links between young people’s groups and women’s groups. If you would like more information on this project or would like to offer ideas or suggestions, please contact the Church Office. 

Together with Ordchardhill Church in Giffnock and others, Cairns has been instrumental  in establishing links with PCN Britain.

The Progressive Christianity Network Britain works to promote and support open and contemporary Christian understanding. It provides a network of local groups across the country and organises regular conferences and events. Members come from all denominations, and it enjoys links with other progressive Christian movements around the world.




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