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Andrew Frater

Full Service Recordings 

Following the pandemic, full service recordings are often made. To access the archive, please put the relevant Sunday date into your browser in the following format - Please note, the month is spelt in full, capitals for Sunday and month and no spaces. If there is no result, it is possible a recording was not made that week.

A New Understanding of Jesus - The Box Set 

Over a number of Sundays in January 2023, Andrew Frater explains a new way to view Christianity that makes it relevant and vital for us in the twenty-first century which he believes is critical for the future survival of the church today.

Podcast     Part 1 - 8th January 2023 - 35 min
Podcast     Part 2 - 15th January 2023 - 32 min
Podcast     Part 3 - 22nd January 2023 - 35 min

On the death of Queen Elizabeth II   11th September 2022

This is a recording of the whole service on the week that Queen Elizabeth II died.

Podcast     1 hr 12 min

There are Times for only Raw Emotion  29th March 2020

On this Passion Sunday in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Andrew Frater talks about the times Jesus could only show raw emotion and compares it to his own feelings in face of the difficulties people were experiencing at this difficult time.

Podcast     19 min

The Bethlehem Story is for you  22th December  2019

Andrew Frater talks about all the different groups of people he has told the Bethlehem Story to this Christmas including a Senior Citizens Group, the sixth year at school and at a funeral and explains how it speaks to each one in their own lives.

Podcast     22 min

How Do You Pray?  19th May  2019

Andrew Frater addresses the question 'How do you pray?' now that the idea of a theistic interventionist God is no longer appropriate today in the 21st century and talks openly and honestly of his own prayer journey.

Podcast     34 min

The Kingdom of God  12th May  2019

Andrew Frater explores his understanding on what is meant by 'The Kingdom of God' and what it might mean for everyone.

Podcast     34 min

More on Resurrection - Who Jesus is  5th May  2019

Andrew Frater continues his in depth look at resurrection and what it means for us today as he places two more resurrection narratives in the context of the times they were written and how they represented an evolving story until the church closed it down and left it stuck in the first century.

Podcast     34 min

Paul - No Knowledge of the Resurrection  28th April  2019

On the Sunday after Easter, Low Sunday, Andrew Frater points out that the earliest Christian creed - from Paul's writings do not mention the resurrection. The resurrection narratives come much later and were purely an attempt to explain an experience but the church unhelpfully turns experiences into historical events.

Podcast     34 min

The Resurrection Issue  14th April  2019

At the start of Holy Week, Andrew Frater talks openly of his problem with the literal reading of the resurrection narratives and the implication for Christianity in the 21st century but an understanding of why the narratives were written this way allows them to be read with conviction on Easter Day.

Podcast     33 min

How Do You Come To Faith?  7th April  2019

As Easter approaches, Andrew Frater asks the question of the gospel writer of Matthew who, writing some fifty years or more after the event, appears to link the final days of Christ with the stories from his own Jewish background in an effort to make sense of why this man from Nazareth died.

Podcast     35 min

A Minister's Journey  17th March  2019

On this day, Andrew Frater and the congregation celebrated his 25 years of ministry at Cairns. This recording is of the full service in which Andrew Frater relates in own theological journey followed by speeches to mark the event. Music played by David Pringle (piano) Andrea Brogan (violin) and John Turner (organ).

Podcast     2 hr 7 min

Atonement no more  10th March  2019

Andrew Frater examines the fascinating history of first century Palestine and the link between emerging Christianity and the despair of the Jewish faith at that time leading Paul, a Jew, to attribute the Jewish theory of atonement to Jesus just when the Jewish faith itself dropped the whole idea. 

Podcast     25 min

It is the Humanity of Jesus that is Important  13th January  2019

Andrew Frater explores the differences in the Gospel stories of the day Jesus spoke in the Temple. He shows how the humanity of Jesus is so easily transformed into the divinity of Christ and how that aspect has come to dominate religion when, in fact, it is the humanity of the man that is more important.

Podcast     32 min

Christmas - what does it all mean?  1st December  2018

Andrew Frater talks of the day he met a man in a hospital lift who asked him "Christmas - what does it all mean?". Here, Andrew Frater reveals what it means for him himself and what he would have liked to have said to the man at the time.

Podcast     24 min

Jesus in the Wilderness  25th November  2018

Andrew Frater continues his series of explaining the historical background to these stories and considers the reasons why Mark's version differs with that of Matthew and Luke and what the narrative is trying to convey for our lives today.

Podcast     26 min

Jesus Walks on Water  18th November  2018

Andrew Frater once again explains how the gospel writers inserted miraculous and supernatural events into their stories about Jesus to try to emphasise the importance of their faith experience. So what were they trying to convey here?

Podcast     27 min

It's about Faith not Belief  4th November  2018

Andrew Frater explains how the gospel writers inserted miraculous and supernatural events into their stories about Jesus to try to emphasise the importance of their faith experience but religion then turned these into belief statements which has for too long overshadowed the original faith message. Music by Andrea Brogan (violin) and David Pringle (piano).

Podcast     33 min

Fishers of Men  28th October  2018

Andrew Frater takes another look at the 'Fishers of Men' passage in Luke and finds a message of faith for today that doesn't depend on the miracle story. Bill Kean is the organist.

Podcast     36 min

We meet God in the Silence  2nd September  2018

Andrew Frater introduces Communion by discussing the view that the words, the buildings or even the elements can so often take centre stage and end up becoming the most important thing when in reality we have more chance of meeting God in the silence. (Please note this recording is occasionally interrupted by involuntary noises from one of our disabled members.)

Podcast     29 min

Two conversations  19th August  2018

Andrew Frater talks about the two conversations that intrude into our lives. The converstaion of power that assails us each and every day and the importance of keeping a hold on the alternative conversation that brings life.

Podcast     33 min

Why was Jesus given the name Christ and what does it mean?  1st July  2018

Andrew Frater explains how Christ is the Big Bang of Creation. The fulfilling universal hope of God throughout creation and how Christianity is the cosmic message of hope for all time for all people.

Podcast     25 min

How can we believe in God in the 21st Century?  13th May  2018

Andrew Frater considers how we can perceive God today given that the interventionist God 'out there' no longer has any meaning to most people. Includes 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' by Jeff Silbar & Larry Henley played by David Pringle (piano) and Andrea Brogan (violin).

Podcast     38 min

The Meaning of Prayer  22nd April  2018

Andrew Frater considers the difficult question of prayer and what it means for everyone.

Podcast     26 min

Atonement Revisited  25th February  2018

Andrew Frater considers the atonement theory of why Jesus died in the light of 1st century culture that can explain why the theory arose in the first place and rather that Jesus died because of the life he led in love and not as a sacrifice to a vengeful God. 

Podcast     34 min

The Generosity of God  4th February  2018

Andrew Frater explains how meditating on some set readings for the week has led to the realisation that so much of the New Testament is actually all about the generosity of God and not some of the well worn ideas that have formed church thinking for so long. 

Podcast     25 min

Christmas Eve Watchnight Service  24th Dec  2017

Andrew Frater interprets the Gospel story as a gift of love to everyone on this night. Includes a Christmas medley at the end from a brass ensemble from the Dunbartonshire Concert Band.

Podcast     15 min

The Origins of the Christmas Story  24th Dec  2017

Andrew Frater using his own parable explains the importance and the origins of the Christmas Story.

Podcast     28 min

Human Imagination versus Inspiration  26th November  2017

Andrew Frater explains that, as St Andrew's Day approaches, only by accepting the experiences of the many occasions when there are two sides to life does this provide the opportunity for divine inspiration to get through.

Podcast     24 min

Experiences of Faith  5th November  2017

Andrew Frater explains how the Moses story represented an experience of faith that is still happening today. This sermon was preached at the end of a week in which two families in the Cairns community had experienced a sudden death in the family.

Podcast     24 min

The Power of Words - The Beatitudes  24th September  2017

Andrew Frater explains how Matthew, writing some 40 years or more after the crucifixion, couched his story about Jesus in terms of his own Jewish culture and tradition producing  parallels with the Old Testament but with the Beatitudes provided a new way of living.

Podcast     32 min

Different Voices about Jesus  19th February  2017

Andrew Frater explains how the Gospels are subjective interpretive portraits of Jesus written decades after his death as the Gospel writers attempt to explain the impact this man has had on their lives.

Podcast     30 min

Meeting God in the World  12th February  2017

Andrew Frater explains the importance of how meeting God in the real world enhances our spirituality.

Podcast     30 min

The importance of making the Bible dynamic for today  15th January  2017

Andrew Frater explains how the Gospels were written in a way that made the experiences of knowing Jesus relevant to the Jewish audience of the day and why we must make the story relevant to us today.

Podcast     30 min

Why did Luke change the order of the story of Jesus?  8th January  2017

Andrew Frater explains how Luke changed the order of the story of Jesus for the benefit of his Jewish audience and why it is important for us today.

Podcast     25 min

Christmas Eve Watchnight Service  24th Dec  2016

Andrew Frater considers the expectation for today of a baby born in Bethlehem. Includes a new carol Love Through the Manger of Christ, violinist Andrea Broggan and a brass ensemble from the Dunbartonshire Concert Band.

Podcast     24 min

Why did Luke write the Bethlehem story?   27th November 2016

Andrew Frater on the first Sunday of Advent describes the context in which Luke wrote the story. A story of faith, not of fact, but for today.

Podcast     30 min

Remembrance Sunday   13th November 2016 wpe1.jpg (2345 bytes)

Andrew Frater offers the story of his father as an example of the many who had to go to serve in war. Includes Phillip Larkin's poem MCMXIV set to music by David Pringle and sung by Alan Foulis. The poem can be found here.

Podcast     28 min

What does Baptism mean today?   6th November 2016

Following a Baptism of twins Cara & Tom, Andrew Frater offers his view on what for him baptism means today.

Podcast     24 min

Why religion goes wrong   30th October 2016

Andrew Frater offers two ideas on why religion goes wrong

Podcast     26 min

Faith has always changed and expanded   16th October 2016

Andrew Frater explains how faith as we humans have understood it has always changed and expanded.

Podcast     32 min

How do you view God?   25th September 2016

Andrew Frater addresses the question of discerning the presence of God.

Podcast     42 min

Actions speaks louder than words   1st May 2016

Andrew Frater explains how the act of Communion has its roots in the traditions of the Passover meal where the ordinary things of life take on special meaning and actions speak louder than words.

Podcast     24 min

The Road to Emmaus   10th Apr 2016

Andrew Frater explains how the Road to Emmaus experience is for everyone with further reflection on the Resurrection.

Podcast     41 min

The Resurrection   3rd Apr 2016

Andrew Frater addresses the question of the Resurrection. Also includes piano playing by David Pringle.

Podcast     26 min

Easter Day   27th Mar 2016

Andrew Frater conducts the Easter Day service. Includes a reference to the Muslim shopkeeper murdered in Glasgow that week by another Muslim for wishing his Christian customers a Happy Easter. Also includes piano playing by Bill Kean.

Podcast     20 min

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?  20th Mar 2016

Andrew Frater considers the similarity of the words of Psalm 22 with the last words of Jesus in the gospel of Mark and addresses the abandonment theme in both. Also includes the Cairns choir singing 'One Day' by Sue Stevens arranged by David Pringle.Lyrics

Podcast     28 min

Words of Inspiration or Words of later Interpretation  13th Mar 2016

Andrew Frater takes the last words of Jesus and discusses the differences in the biblical narrative and how we might interpret them.

Podcast     31 min

Not a Process but a Passion  21st Feb 2016

Andrew Frater talks about our journey through Lent as being not a process but a passion. Not a religious formula event but a recognition that Christ died for the World not the Church

Podcast     24 min

We belong first to the World then the Church  7th Feb 2016

Andrew Frater uses the Old Testament story of Nathan to explain how theology at that moment reached a turning point for the Israelites and also for us

Podcast     34 min

The Promise of Peace  31st Jan  2016

Andrew Frater explores the Greek word 'prodromos' used of Jesus in John's gospel - one who will go before, a guide. Includes music from Kenny Douglas (singer) and Catherine Scott (pianist).

Podcast     37 min

Is there more to the Good Samaritan story?  24th Jan  2016

Andrew Frater questions whether the Good Samaritan story has more to say other than a story of kindness

Podcast     35 min

Theology changes because of life  17th Jan  2016

Andrew Frater uses the Old Testament books of Chronicles, Ecclesiastes and Job to explain how theology changes because of life experiences

Podcast     32 min

Sundays Only?  10th Jan  2016

Andrew Frater looks at the books of Joshua and Judges in the Old Testament and poses the question about whether or not Christianity is for Sundays Only

Podcast     34 min

Christmas Eve Watchnight Service  24th Dec  2015

In the course of this reflection, Andrew Frater refers to an article he wrote for The Herald newspaper. You can read that article here .

Podcast     22 min

Unwrapping Christmas (concluded)  20th Dec  2015

Andrew Frater concludes his new series in which he looks at the Christmas story in a new way. Reference is made to the Tolstoy story of the Shoemaker and you can read it here The Shoemaker.

Piece 8: An Experience in Life leads to Faith

Podcast     20 min

Unwrapping Christmas (continued)  6th Dec  2015

Andrew Frater continues his new series in which he looks at the Christmas story in a new way.

Piece 7: The Power of Storytelling

Podcast     18 min

Unwrapping Christmas (continued)  29th Nov 2015

Andrew Frater continues his new series in which he looks at the Christmas story in a new way.

Piece 5: One of Us

Piece 6: Theology became Literal History

Podcast     30 min

Unwrapping Christmas (continued)  22nd Nov 2015

Andrew Frater continues his new series in which he looks at the Christmas story in a new way.

Piece 3: Person

Piece 4: Parable

Podcast     26 min

Unwrapping Christmas  14th Nov 2015

Andrew Frater begins a new series in which he looks at the Christmas story in a new way. (This was recorded just after the Paris shootings) It may help to listen to Helen Bond's lecture first.

Piece 1: Overture

Piece 2: Context

Podcast     38 min

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